Founded in 1908, Royal Doeksen first established itself in the business of salvage and shell dredging along the Dutch coast before expanding operations more widely into northwest Europe.

In 1923 the company’s continuing success enabled it to acquire the Terschelling Steamboat Company (NV Terschelling Stoomboot Maatschappij) – at that time a relatively small and rather slow ferry service operating between Harlingen and the Frisian Islands.

Over the decades, the ferry service now known as Rederij Doeksen (Doeksen Shipping Company) has invested substantially in enhancing the speed, comfort, regularity and reliability of its passenger, car and freight services to Terschelling and Vlieland.

In later years Royal Doeksen further widened its operations to encompass fast ferry transport for commuters and leisure passengers in the Rotterdam area and custom superyacht building. Recently Royal Doeksen acquired a design and engineering office.

The business remains a family concern and is now in the fourth generation of Doeksen family ownership. It was granted the Royal warrant on its 100th anniversary in 2008.